English Goat Breeders Association


    Welcome to the Website of the

English Goat Breeders Association (EGBA).

This site is for the preservation of the English breed of goat. 

For all other breeds of goat in the UK please go to the British Goat Society

    The EGBA is a registered charity which aims to promote and preserve the English Goat Breed.
    The English Goat is a specific breed of goat that was once common in the UK but was in danger of being lost for ever due to cross breeding with other imported breeds.
    The Association was originally formed from a group of enthusiasts who felt that the gene pool should be preserved.          
Many of the early members had come across individual animals which were strikingly different from the more popular Swiss and Nubian breeds. Apart from the distinctive and attractive appearance, these goats seemed 'more at ease with nature'. They seemed to be particularly hardy, not over-bred for producing excessive amounts of milk, and did not require such high levels of expensive concentrate feed.
    The Association sought to find similar animals from across the country and set in place a breeding programme which has now generated a well established core of pedigree English Goats that breed true to type.


The Aims of the EGBA are:

    To preserve and improve the standard of English goats by breeding:

    To encourage the use, appreciation, well-being and protection of the English goat:

    To publish and maintain a Herd Book.

The EGBA produces a bi-monthly magazine - The JEM - containing articles, pictures, reports of activities and shows, letters, notices, news and advertisements.

When available, we publish a digital Picture Post for email members only.

To be kept up to date and join in the chat go to our Facebook page.


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