Welcome to the Website of the English Goat Breeders Association (EGBA).


The home of the English Goat, where we aim to preserve and improve the standard of the English Goat by selective breeding and to encourage its use, appreciation, well-being and protection.

The EGBA is a registered charity and endeavours to fulfil its aims by:

·         Setting the Breed Standard for the English Goat

·         Maintaining and Publishing a Herd Book.

·         Producing a bi-monthly magazine for members of the Association which contains articles, pictures, reports of activities and shows, letters, notices, news and advertisements.

·         Publishing a Stud Male List annually to our members.

·         Educating the wider public of the existence and use of the English Goat through the use of social media and attendance at Rare Breed and Minority Events and Shows.

·         Competing at Agricultural Shows alongside other goat breeds.